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Universiti Kuala Lumpur - UNIKL

Universiti Kuala Lumpur has 11 campuses throughout Malaysia 
in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malacca, Perak, Kedah and Johor. 
While enjoying their own unique character due to collaboration 
with foreign counterparts and universities, the campuses and 
institutes also have many attributes for example, each campus 
and institute has its own Dean, its own Students Affair Department 
and its own student union that will ensure that your voice is 
heard and arrange events that will allow you to have an fruitful and 
enjoyable time on campus. We also have yearly Student Sports 
carnival which will bring all the students from the campuses and 
institutes together to have a rip-roaring good 

The campuses and institutes of Universiti Kuala Lumpur are:

Maklumat Umum
Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:00 AM Posted by Admission
  1. Applications for July 2011 intake is open now. Please refer to the: 
    Permohonan Bagi Kemasukan Julai 2011 Telah Dibuka. Sila Rujuk:
    1. List of programmes offered (Senarai Program Yang Ditawarkan)
    2. Entry requirement (Syarat Kemasukan)
    3. Application schedules (Jadual Permohonan)
  2. All applications must be made online. No pin number or processing fee is required during application. (except for application for MBBS- refer to item number 5)
    Semua permohonan mesti dibuat secara online. Tiada nombor pin atau yuran pemprosesan diperlukan ketika memohon. (kecuali untuk program MBBS – rujuk item nombor 5)
  3. The offering will be based on our selection criteria and for those apply early. The offering is also subject to the availability of places.
    Penawaran adalah bergantung kepada kriteria pemilihan UniKL dan bagi permohonan awal. Penawaran juga  bergantung kepada kekosongan tempat.
  4. The application results will be released online only.  Please check the application status based on the schedule stated in item number 2 – 5 below.
    Status permohonan akan hanya diumumkan secara online. Sila semak status permohonan mengikut jadual yang ditetapkan dalam item nombor 2 – 5 dibawah.
  5. Successful applicants must download/print the offer letter together with the documents for registration online.  
    Pemohon yang berjaya mesti memuat turun/ cetak surat tawaran berserta dengan borang pendaftaran melalui online.
  6. Registration dates :  
    Tarikh pendaftaran :

    Foundation in Science and Technology
    8 May 2011
     10 July 2011
    Other Programmes
    17 July 2011
log on to : for online application.
Log on to:  for more info.
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  1. UNIKL ada pinjaman PTPTN ker?minta tolong feedback cepat..terima kasih..:)

    1. untuk ptptn sila log ke
      moga berjaya.